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Keratin Tipped
Hair Extensions

While Lindsey has trained with many different methods and brands of hair extension application, she chose to specialize exclusively in high-end keratin protein tipped extensions.

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Ready for the hair of your dreams?

Fill out the Online Consultation Form and Lindsey will contact you with your personalized Hair Extension quote and recommendations


Call or Text 907-440-7198 to speak directly with Lindsey, the hair extension expert!

Will they work for my hair

Ready for the hair of your dreams?

Fill out the Online Consultation Form and Lindsey will contact you with your personalized Hair Extension quote and recommendations


Call or Text 907-440-7198 to speak directly with Lindsey, the hair extension expert!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Keratin Tipped Extensions?

The extensions I choose to use at The Silva Chair Salon are the high quality 100% real human hair. These extensions have a keratin protein tip which allows more versatility with hairstyles and the best possible blending with your natural hair. The extensions are not blended with synthetic hair, and they are responsibly sourced.


I can fully customize these hair extensions to help you achieve your dream hair! Extensions can add volume, length, a fun pop of color, or a mix of all of the above.


This method is popular because it is surprisingly low maintenance. Unlike other methods, these extensions do not have to be “moved up” every 5-8 weeks and instead are removed in about 4-6 months, and we can order new hair for a change of color, length, etc.

The price range for this extension method varies depending on your current length, texture, and density vs. your desired look. The available lengths vary from 16" to 25" and come in straight, wavy, or curly textures. 

Keratin bonded extensions are an exciting option for thin or fine hair! The bonds can be customized in size and placement to keep them hidden without adding excess weight.

We can even custom color your extensions to match your desired look!

Because of the variety of looks these extensions provide, a consultation is necessary to give an exact price. Please fill out the Online Consultation Form to get your quote!


Lindsey Silva

The Silva Chair Salon

Why Keratin Tipped Extensions

Hair Extension Aftercare

How do you take care of Keratin Bonded Extensions?

Always follow your stylist's instructions when taking care of your hair extensions - protect your investment!


  • Gently brush your hair at least once daily to keep your extensions tangle-free.


  • Use hair products recommended by your stylist to keep your extensions and hair healthy.


  • Sleep with your hair in a low, loose ponytail or loose braid to keep your hair from tangling while you sleep.


  • Don't go to bed with soaking wet hair!


  • Don't use ANY oil-based products on or near the bonds of the extensions.

Hair Extension Aftercare


Lindsey is fabulous! She fixed my color issue and gave me amazing hair! Love her!

Lindsey does a really good job, she used to do my tape-ins, but I decided to try the Keratin Bonded Extensions and they are AMAZING. My hair feels so natural and the bonds are so much less annoying than tape ins. She always takes the time to give me a personal experience and I always leave feeling so refreshed. Thanks, Lindsey!
-Whitney R.

Lindsey has made my hair dreams come true! She is super responsive and professional...has always answered any and all questions and always leaves me looking fabulous. 11 out of 10!!!!!  
-Laura R.

Love love LOVE the confidence and sheer beauty of my new extensions. I’m going to have them forever!! Thx Lindsey for the major are a Genius!
-Angela K

I never thought I could be a person who got hair extensions but it's been two years and I'm still hooked! Great quality, never any issues and my hair isn't damaged from her process like other places I've seen! Quality hair that makes me feel better about myself, Lindsey is the expert and I hope she never leaves Alaska!
-Candi M

I've seen Lindsey for years! She is incredible!! I always look forward to when I get to see her. We've done all different colors and styles over the years and everything she does with my hair is magic. I leave her salon feeling like the prettiest girl in town every single time. (Probably why I look forward to going to see her every time) .
-Chelsee L.

Lindsey did an amazing job applying top quality extensions to my VERY short hair as well as creating a wonderful color! I feel and look amazing!!!! Thank you!!! 
-Stefanie J.

I have looked into hair extensions for years since my once long hair was becoming thinner and less voluminous. Meeting with Lindsey was so comforting because she could emphasize with my concerns and give me the straightforward information I was looking for. I felt really comfortable in my first appointment with the process and application. Working with Lindsey was like talking to a friend; so much so that we lost track of time!  I am so grateful that she has always been so eager to answers any questions or concerns I have.  Thank you, Lindsey!
-Catlin C.

I am extremely pleased with my experience at Silva Chair Salon. Lindsey, is professional, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. I trust her 100% with my hair care needs and maintenance.  The extensions I requested was for a natural look until the stress induced hair loss that I experienced was managed and my normal growth returned. Lindseys work made me feel confident and comfortable. I have a great amount of gratitude and respect for her and will continue to see her for all my hair care needs. I highly recommend her, and give her 10 out of 5 stars because she exceeded my expectations and went far beyond what I hoped for. Thank you Lindsey for making me feel like me again.

-Shelly W.

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