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What is so special about these Extensions?

There are a lot of options when it comes to hair extensions. Price range, attachment method, and quality of hair vary greatly. There is a hair extension to meet every need and budget!

Why choose the extensions at The Silva Chair Salon? Find out below!

Ethical Hair Sourcing

The extensions I choose to use at The Silva Chair Salon are high-quality, 100% real human hair that is ethically sourced and traceable. There are many ways to source hair, and finding ethically sourced hair is challenging and more expensive. When I chose to specialize in hair extensions, I knew that ethically sourced hair was a non-negotiable part of extension sourcing for my business.

Attachment Point Materials

There are many different versions of single-strand extensions with a bonded tip. Some are called k-tip, keratin bonded, bonded, and nail tip. The extensions I use have a keratin protein tip instead of a tip made of glue, nylon, or plastic. Keratin tips are hard enough to hold the hair in place but are flexible so that when the extensions are removed, they do not break the hair they are attached to.


These extensions can be fully customized to help you achieve your dream hair! Each bond can be customized depending on the weight your hair can handle in that area of your head. Colors can be blended together, and there are many color options, including the option to custom color the extensions! Extensions can add volume, length, a fun pop of color, or a mix of the above.

Flexibility of Hairstyles

With this method of hair extensions, the attachment spot is so tiny and easily hidden that you can still wear your hair up in a ponytail, bun, or braid. You will still be able to curl, blow dry, and straighten your hair and your extensions!

Low Maintenance 


This method is popular because it is surprisingly low maintenance. Unlike other methods, these extensions do not have to be "moved up" every 5-8 weeks and instead are removed in about 4-6 months and replaced with new hair.

Fine and Thin Hair

Keratin-bonded extensions are an exciting option for thin or fine hair! The bonds can be customized in size and placement to keep them hidden without adding excess weight.

Ready to get extensions at The Silva Chair Salon? Fill out the Online Consultation Form to get your quote!


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